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I still have a childhood love for paleontolgy and it thrills and yet saddens me that not so long ago all manner of now extinct breeds of tiger roamed the land, some, as you can see, with huge teeth (popularised by the term 'sabretooth' or 'smilodon' and yet there were so many different species of these creatures), and some so very like our modern day tigers . And so here we have my artist's impression of one such extinct species, "Longtooth". So often are these creatures represented in art in a way that makes them feel a little too generic and without personality. I hope I've done this one proud and brought both its beauty and its personality back to life, reminding us perhaps of the fragility of life on earth and our pressing need and responsibilty to protect it.


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Incredibly high quality giclee prints available in two sizes (10"x8"" and 20"x16"), as well as signed limited edition canvas prints. Click above for details.

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