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As the old and wise king of the birds passed away a great assembly was called and a challenge issued. "Whichever bird flies the highest shall be pronounced the next king". Brimming with confidence and pride the great eagle soared into the skies and rose above all others until it could rise no more. "Look upon your king!" It declared inflated with pride. Just then a ruffling of feathers on its back anounced the presence of a tiny stowaway, a wren who, furiously flapping its wings, shot into the air above it. "Look upon your king," it declared, "for I fly the highest of all!".  And so it was not the eagle who was crowned king of the birds, but the wise and audacious wren, a bird that went on to become the most sacred bird of our ancestors, the druids. A lesson perhaps to never underestimate what we can achieve, no matter how small and insignificant we might feel so long as we keep our pride in check, choose intelligence and wisdom over might... and, of course, to permit ourselves to stand on the shoulders of those mighty souls and ancestors who rose to such heights before us.

Great King Wren

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  • High quality giclee prints available in two sizes (10"x8"" and 20"x16"), as well as signed limited edition canvas prints. Click above for details.

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